Adventure, Bless and Don't Be Sorry

by Mike Downey

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released January 17, 2006

Recordhead / Whiggs LUNA85/mwr035

Recorded and mixed in Chicago, Illinois January – June, 2005
All songs written, recorded and mixed by Mike Downey
Mastered by Michael Hearst for Urban Geek Studios
artwork by mperfectdesignco.
© Can I Dig an Audio Grave ASCAP, 2005



all rights reserved
Track Name: You've Your Spymap Out
You lost your shoes next to the nudes in the park
And I convinced you to put them on so we could walk
We walked around the Victory Column we were west
Prussia victorious
I’ve been watching you
You’ve your spy map out
The sky is blasting around
As the tower broadcast signal straight into your eyes
You were such a fucking surprise
Set the mood, light the candles in the corners of the room
From the smell of your neck I’m quick to realize full bloom
Take me out and I think I said, “History!”
And you smile like a child
You point the camera at me
Over the hill there’s the hedgerow
They split it in half when they built that road
Always your face in the castle
You’re safe because you’re home
They’re feeding me the seeds in Chicago
It was funny at first like the bus I rode
Always my face in the rain cloud
Am I even safe at home?
Track Name: Oh, Randomness
The lord comes down and puts something good into everyone
I got mine when I was just a kid and I kissed it on the mouth
And it crawled up my throat and knocked on bad teeth
So I spit it into Jackson Branch
And I laughed at the dicks and the tits that the older kids spray-painted on the bridge
I’m letting you go and I don’t know how
After the laughter died there was a camera eye pulling surveillance for a number of years
It was there for the townhomes, the shit lies I lived through and the patterns I carved into yards
These are disastrous films but they’re important to me
Educate myself from myself
And tie those film cans around my waist when I hurl myself over the bridge
I felt young for a second, it was all my fault
Oh sloppy kiss this situation seems random to me
Oh randomness you tip your toes across our faces, our necks and our wrists
Track Name: Fancy Forest
Kicking at the forest floor I’m bored
Looking up the sky looks weird, not bored
Of course I’ll go your way my love
You might call me a forest boy if you breathe the city out of me
And a cloud just died
And that bird, his noise it rhymes
As I look around it’s right
You can teach me bird names every night and give me new ideas
Standing on the highest hill it’s warm
Looking at the sky looks full, it poured
Of course I know the way my love
You might call me a hilltop boy if you breathe the city out of me
There’s twenty toes on the floor and a black dog waiting at the door
I’m loaded
Another night of sleeping over
Another rooftop hour
I’m greaseball in the shower
Stationed under the tiniest tower
Track Name: Flame Out Flyboy
And I’m at the 7-11 debating breakfast in tinfoil
And I got the hell out of there, took my coffee from the bake sale
Sat on the steps of the church and then service let out
And then the man with the camera said, “Boy you’ll have to leave, the bride’s coming down”
Brushing the rice out of my hair
Letting love disaster in the distance
I guess I been there before and I sort of got bored
So I made a line through the city
She learned me and then she did me
And then she laughed at my arms and said, “Boy your arms, they were never meant to hold me”
Go fly around with fadeout wings
Flame out you flyboy
How could you?
Go bounce around
Check new surrounds
Get gone, go run but don’t never learn from what you’ve done
Sitting in the corner of the room pretending certain things never happened
Or tram into town, kicking around
At night I thought it would get easy but the creatures they’ve got the keys to me
And then the girl with the yellow hair said, “Boy your eyes, it’s been a while since they’ve seen me”
Track Name: Judge on the Horn
You better watch what you wish for
You might get what you wanted
You been stoned like a sophomore
Exactly what you paid for
You might find me in your hometown using the scissors on the corners or
Licking up the taverns or fucking in an auto
I been crooked from the day I was born
You ran to me screaming, “The judge is on the horn”
He reminded me I had time to be confused
I recalled I’ve never gone it alone
You can reel around the resource, lending your hand in my disasters
I heard you crying through the payphone
It only kills me faster and I might walk around our old town if I wasn’t tripped up on your phone bills
My heart needed a beat, not a drum fill
We barely made it through the intro
Track Name: Event Camera
Drawing circles in the grass with my toes
Watching you scan the spy map’s rows
Asking you for any number of things
You find them within and you give them to me
Now I’m in the kitchen whispering weird with the wine
You’re chopping the produce
It’s late afternoon and it’s right
Bring my camera when I’m anywhere with you to archive our day to remember what you do
There’s a photo of us in your place that night when you bit my neck and then you saved my life
Now I’m in the bedroom comparing our passport stamps
And you’re in the bedroom and those are our hands
Track Name: House/Hotel
I moved to the basement
I got my own phone line
I hung the posters and I looked in the mirror, looks all right
Under the mattress are little containers, pieces of paper and shots for the shotgun
I’d walk to the station but I’m here to protect
I’m guarding the nest and talking on the phone
Baby’s big time
She stays as long as she wants but you, you’re feeding off someone’s space
Now you’re asking for some cheese on your cake, some sandwiches or something to drink
My baby’s big time, stays as long as she wants but you, you just wanna face
I want to cough
I want to put it on your plate
I want to say that this house is not a hotel
I took out the light bulb
It burned in my hand
I stuck it under water, the bulb, not my hand
You’re creeping around here
You’re doin’ the floor
The room smells like a lake
There’s a package at the door
Track Name: Rats were Comrades
Just another boy breathing in the gas life
Living by the bridge, the one with the spray paint
When I walk through the rain I contemplate a pattern
I’m smiling at the crows and blackbirds and the rats they are comrades oh
Arms around my neck and you should know I’m in control when I’m leaving or letting go
Colored perfected houses crowded into rows
And if the road rose to meet me would I navigate controls?
Just an only child choking on some new life
Swallowing aloud, life is intricate in a crowd
When I’m buried under snow it’s quiet like a heartache
I been feeling young as snow
There’s a white light
It’s a bloodhound
I’m a thousand years old
I’m right for the first time
Found a new home
Made a slow sound
You can have me if I can let me go
Track Name: Seizure to a Strobe
Oh lover lose the cloak
Let me take you out of the weather
I’m going to bring you to the sound machine where we can dig out and feel the fade
Club lights, they dance in your eyes first from floor to ceiling to faces
I seizure to a strobe
I’ve been told we’re being watched
We’ve always been
Cameras are here to make you feel more important
Close your eyes not to impress the machines
As I hide inside you I’m warm
I’m safe from the gaslight
Oh lover there’s spaces in time when I can’t look inside you
Oh lover there’s periods of time when I’m rolled back inside your eyes
Track Name: Phonio
Wake up
We can’t sleep in
I’m warm and my heart just beeped again
You’re ear against my skin
I’ll telephone all my friends and you write the sound down
Bare feet on cold air floor
Coerced us to dance with sideways morning hair
And then back into the bedroom glow
Trace your lips and check you out
And fall asleep again to the audio of a foreign film
I’m learning your sounds now
I’m no use in a hostile world that hides me from the sound
Bending tones through terrible phones
There’s a pulsing noise when they jam our codes
Prepaid phonio
It’s a shame about us they way they spread us out
It’s the worst part
It’s the worst part dear when you’re not in zone
I’m blinding eyes and you’re an optical tone
I could use gears to grind out a road
But the story starts when I gain some control
Track Name: Less Car
I shot the shit for a bit with a girl and she wasn’t you
I watched her mouth as she talked imagining braces on her teeth
The notebook she kept was Sharpied up
Not like I wanted to read
And then I caught the eye of a boy cycling up the street
He’s one less car to me
He’s perfectly in line
Knows what he needs and what he doesn’t know in a city that shoots to kill
I loose interest pretty quick with the girls when they’re not you
So I talk to the boys and they have ask me, “Do you like me too?”
Because I never had a sister to fight over the phone or put on my makeup
But boys learn pretty quick
They shoot the shit and then they take to the streets
Well the girls like to dress you up but it’s the boys that want to take it off
And it’s your friends that’ll rat you out
And then you couldn’t thank them enough
Track Name: I'm an Engineer (and things get weird)
Close your eyes
I require my privacy
But with your eyes closed you look different to me
So they’re feeding me the seeds under the city sheets
They’re paying me to dream but then it’s cheap to sleep
I’m a cloud car coming down
Sounding around those who favor me
I’m an engineer and things get weird when they go right you know
I’ll be the cardinal if you’ll fly me through your backyard lawns
I am the camera phone on Cinema Street
I’m just a cloud boy coming down
Hanging around those who favor me