Kicking Gas for Laughs

by Mike Downey

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released June 28, 2008

heartphone : hrtph003

all songs written, recorded and mixed by mike downey 2006 - 2008 in Uppsala and Stockholm, Sweden



all rights reserved
Track Name: Casper
and I, misusing. sound on tape. and casper I can't stop. can't get away. I’m into the girls casper. I buy tools on a sky station cloud casper. sound on tape in the corner. misuse.
Track Name: No Prob
you were only part of the problem. not to mention the sentences run on. I was only half of the reason you scraped the paint in another direction. I know I could lose you if you want to any time. the way we watched the TV programs. skip the end and hide from the station. we only read the books that matter. on a shelf that owns the room. I listen to the sounds in the room. I wish they were coming from you. and while you were switching the lights on I grabbed the map and I said, "no problem." we tried to run away before. it never worked now you've locked the door.
Track Name: No Stereo
speaking in the stereo. no playback or redo. I can only let go. I’m tangled in my telephones. I hate my radio now. did I hear you? oh god I hope I’m not played out. what did you say? communicate through windows. sell me all your signals. I almost heard you say, "oh Mike you must be easy to meet because you're always home." but if you check the stamps in my book I've been around the world. and I sing, "la la la boyfriends. la la la girls." but I may be the only one who knows what's real. watching the city grow. you could almost take me out. I've seen it on video. I nearly put the ring tone down. but I don't. oh god I hope you never doubt. what did I say? connect me to a microphone. put me in the video. sell all of my signals out.
Track Name: Oils
I wonder where you are tonight. tried your phone, just wanted to kick it. if you run out of space on the bridge you paint and wait I will bring you your oils. so wait. keep myself from kicking the dirt. loads of time so I clean out the cobwebs. and run from the car straight to the lake and wait while you fill it with oils. I can wait.
Track Name: Who's Under the Stairs, Who's Dropping Out and All of That
I would like you if you gave it away. no controller. breaking away, it's a kick and a save. kicking the dirt every time. who's under the stairs, who's dropping out and all of that? I could find you a new place to stay. no exposure to time out of phase or rent you should pay. letting it rust every time.
Track Name: Believer
just a believer so I read code. I’m just a believer until it fucks up. and this is how it tastes and this is how it goes when we don't live for each other. believe all right. sending a star to various machines. daisy chain and believing. sending sound to Tone Bank, thinking it exists in the first place.
Track Name: Rescue Rocket
you don't wanna be just another boy. out of the green but feeling ok. sleep around the clock now you're getting good. well-read. misunderstood. time bomb's ticking time ticking away. but you don't wanna be just another boy. you don't wanna make just a simple sound. into the black no fucking doubt. sleep around the clock now you're getting good. well-bred as everyone should.
Track Name: Wheel in a White Sky
before I settle down or fake another sound. if I make it to tomorrow. I'll write this down in black. I'll sell my selfish back. return what I've borrowed. I feel bad about today. while I laughed in foreign cloud your winter made another sound that cancelled out tomorrow. this world gets pretty dark. too far away I couldn't talk. It's the saturnine within me. a wheel in a white sky turned. I feel this change but what have I learned?
Track Name: 100 Rooms
surrounded and alone. I had friends in 100 rooms. spent some time on the west side. I had friends in the towers. a million hands touching machines. and I was on a train to the south side. no faces facing me. I couldn't wait to get to you. you were all that I had then. it's another day by the lakeside. I won't climb the high-rise. a million suns hiding from me. you always clung to my side but just for holiday. I couldn't wait to get to you.
Track Name: A Little More Grape, Capt. Bragg
looking at you because you looked at me. digging a ditch around the family tree. a little bit deeper everyday. a little more grape capt. bragg. a lot less fun then the one we had. you could do it right just to get away. set it up and kick it all day. live in a room pretty far away. credit the card and put me on the plane. wash off my face and I go down the drain. stick it up and kick it all day.
Track Name: You Went to War
working with telephones. reporting call logs. I was already there. daily duties include tracking charts and working alone because you went to war. connecting sales teams as a support role when production was low. presenting in Power Point, replacing lights when the days were slow so the wheels could roll.
Track Name: Wait
falling through the ceiling. sinking to the bottom. I’m here now. slipping past the guards now I’m hanging in the garden. waiting. but you're not here. through the doors of your office. clean hair, briefcase and mustache. are you here now? I’m throwing rocks at houses. slashing tires on the city busses. but I’m waiting and you're not here. record my voice then eat the tape. I’m just the one who waits. this could take all day. my camera flashes and I save the frame. locked in a room but then I escape. I start to spin. my vibe radiates.