On Goldwire

by Mike Downey

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released January 2, 2009

Originally released exclusively on The Collective Family.

All songs written and recorded by Mike Downey in Chicago, Uppsala and Stockholm between 2005 - 2009.



Track Name: Throwing Things
I've been thinking about that thing you like to talk about but I'm hardly around. And I'm talking like an old man now. I've been thinking with my pants down. And I'm walking around your house. And I'm afraid of these things I'll never own. And of these things I cannot unplug now. My American friends are afraid of the Socialists but it's been working out. Talking like an old man now. I've been working with my pants down. And I'm walking around my house. And I'm throwing these things that I own. And I'm afraid of what I can unplug now. I'm afraid of where we've gone. I'm afraid of these things we know. I'm moving on.
Track Name: Asked of You
All I asked of you was to wait. Wait after school. Don't wait on the bus cuz it's not waiting on you. Wait in the room. The fax machine is a telephone. All I wanted for you was to wait. Waited for love. Wait at the bar but don't get too drunk. Wait after school. They teach you things I could never teach you. Wait it through. Don't wait on me because I'm not ready for you.
Track Name: In A Natural Mirror I Look Fucking Gold
My life on a page and this is the chorus now. Surrounded by change and I feel fucking old. Moving sound from building to forest now. In a natural mirror I look fucking gold. But what would you say if you were sitting with me? Who do you think you are and are you talking to me? I let go of a home. Things look right outside my window.
Track Name: Cardinals
Cellophane over the eyes after the high school bells would ring. But you were afraid of things. History notes were the sitch until the Hot Pocket started to drain. But these were the worst of things. Oh in your basement place where the television tried to own you. Oh in the backyard we smoked cigarettes and tripped on the cardinals. Throw the rocks out of the van through the window where we started the band. You were faith in me. Stick myself into a mix on a Mongoose Decade trick. You encouraged me. Oh in your basement place where the television tried to own you. Oh in the backyard we sucked the smoke and then we stuck up the cardinals.
Track Name: My Time with Guitar
I better not forget how to play the guitar. I could teach you if you want to. I better never regret my time with guitar cuz it sorta put you where you are. But I could take you downtown, I don't have a car. It's kind of funny how you get where you are when you're open to the open.
Track Name: Combination of Stripes
Half the day at the free clinic burning stars into sheets and miss my girlfriend. You're far away but you're messed up just the same so we wear uniforms to bore them away. Everyone I know, dear, has formed opinions. They're clear. A raging fire vs. a squirt gun. I've burned out a lot. Now a combination of stripes is what I've got. We're breaking up with the skeptics, let them go. But they don't have to talk so much, loud.
Track Name: Me and You on A Sunday
Do you remember freaking out? Do you remember messing around? You and me on a Sunday means me and you in the rain. Me and you on a Sunday it's always the same. Do you mind if I crash the car? Do you wonder where I've been? Do you like to sing into the machines? I sorta wonder what I mean.
Track Name: Where I Exist in the Corners
Oh Steven you busted my heart. Pessimistic. you tore us apart boy. Do you see there are corners in your mind? Now I exist in those corners. Oh Steven you Irish fool. You being the father and me learning from you. I will ask you not to forgive this. But I will fetch you no more beer. You could've crashed that car for the money. Heaven knows you drove it far.
Track Name: Shadows Of
I looked in the windows where you lived. I looked in the windows where we did. I checked the shadows where we'd go. I grew in the shadows of our old school. I wonder what you'd make of me. Have you heard of Scandinavian simplicity? Of course I have set my sails. Of course I am more than a gmail. Easy does it. I'm looking into it. It's going as good as it could go....