Sky Station Cloud

by Mike Downey

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Written, recorded and mixed by Mike Downey Sept - Nov 2009 in Stockholm, Sweden.


released December 20, 2009

Best Kept Secret : LIE152



all rights reserved
Track Name: Winter Ghosts
Order me that limousine or catch me like a sparrow
In my hand is a message that speaks to all the dead clouds
Transfer my tone to text and clone
my reason to live through winter
And oh my God there's a parking lot
right in the middle of summer
When you take me out the house
I get used to the winter ghosts 'cuz I see them
And I meet them
lf you could draw my face in an autumn place
I'd make a photo copy
Track Name: Crash the Camera
Hold back the years
You're getting good at thinking slow
You crashed the amps
You busted lamps with bitter tears
Crash the camera
Flower out the year
You're getting good
Pretend you can open up the store with nothing there
Track Name: Verse Goes to You
Take the candles when you go
'cuz I can't burn them when I'm alone
And take the money with you
And the verse goes like I want to
The verse goes to you
I can't take it on my own
I'm worthless here
And I can't wait 'till you come home
I've got the vacuum plugged into
my microphone through the stereo
It's how it sounds when I miss you
Track Name: Clocks Back
Set the clock back twenty years ago
when you'd say my name
And I put the bass boat in the water
so my real dad would float away
I could talk to that ghost forever
He doesn't scare me anymore
If I send relay to echo, is it code for go?
I guess I made it all impossible
since I'm the only one who knows
Track Name: Proof
Talk is cheap
but they're buying what you say
Words are free yeah
And I'm burning what you wrote
I don't want your codex
But I'll take it on Kodak
I'd like to come to your church/school
and talk to the teachers
but they're also preachers
Track Name: In with Stars
When I was not born
everything was a joke
People with flying cars
Houses were solar and
everyone had a phone in their hand
The president went dead
Everything was fine
You did not expect me to walk through the door
In with stars
When I was not born I went to school
Track Name: Helicopter to Gemini
Telling lies in your eyes
Helicopter to Gemini
Wait for the world to get over
Shut up and look at the camera
Put on your face and it's no surprise
Telecaster to Gemini
And I think the band sorta saved you
Exposure and hide you in plain view
Take off your face so we can see your eyes
And I was happy to have known you
But of course it was best when I left you
Ask the boys to come over, surprise
Track Name: Probably Follow
You stopped liking me
So I'll sit in the places where we took up space and
I just can't get it right
I look at the faces on the streets going places
I will probably follow you
You started hating me
Now I've got a reason
Something to believe in
And I just can't keep it straight
I walk through the station
See some people escaping
Track Name: soundcontrol
Hide from the rhyme that rocks you down the road
Sleep in the arms of the one you never held
I kick the dirt in the city by the sea
And anchors away so I cannot be seen
And drink with the boys that make me feel ok
And try not to ask for space or delay
You are peeking around the corner girl
And you are expecting soundcontrol
Track Name: You Went Exploded
Nobody knows half the rules
So chalk the crack and shoot the moon
You went exploded all the time
but I knew you were right
Ride the wave to the end
Stone the kids to sleep again
Track Name: Never Hear the End of It
Rocket clicks so stick it on the paper lamps
and get through it
I guess I never saw the faders come down
Cigarettes, the rings around the things within you
Begin with: I guess I'll never hear the end of it
Stick it out
It's never going to be like this now
Show you how
I bet you clicked the mixdown
Track Name: Hit it With A Fade
Same time tomorrow
Wind you up and I'll follow
Concrete goes so low
Hit it with a fade, green to gray
I used to take the train down the alleyway
Used to cut cars on Sundays now
Everywhere I look a Memory Man solo
This time tomorrow
I don't think I'll know you
I love it, it's so true
Track Name: Two Sodas
I'm glad I know ya
Order two sodas
And pick four clover out of the flower
I know things that I'd only do with you
You make me go
Track Name: Expanding Square
We're up in the cave now
with our women there
Open the computer door
our drones get scared
Expanding square, you were there
And that's quite nice because no one's around any more
We put the cat on the roof
We chimney-swept the chutes
You let me walk in those easy boots
We're on with the face paint
We're on to you
We live like mosquitos
We take and go
Track Name: Kicker
I count the colors and I like to have a look around
Subtract some faders and I never want to be found
The satellites are never right
They only wanna kick the stars
I'm indecisive when you try to get close to me
I'll bummer your summer and climb your tree