Total Hearts

by Mike Downey

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released March 17, 2009

Series Two Records #66

Written and ecorded by Mike Downey in Uppsala and Stockholm, Sweden 2006 - 2008.

artwork by mperfectdesignco.
© Can I Dig an Audio Grave ASCAP, 2009



all rights reserved
Track Name: Silent is Wild
Buildings don't die in the fat part of town
They eat the kids that ate the sound
All of the voices from the currency exchange
are old and tired, silent the same way
I hit the lights before I left house
And the dark was a comforting sound
When the phone rang I was not home
Not occupied by the halls of the room
I stepped into the wild
Buildings don't die on this side of town
Kids don't live on that side of town
Track Name: I'm Looking Into It
This is for those that I have squashed along the way
Leaving you bloodied by the roadside
And I'm sorta sorry for being one of those who made it all happen in the shadows
Easy does it
I'm looking into it and it's going just as good as it could go
Easy does it
I'm getting inside of it and it's going just as good as it could go
And it's all I know
I'm going to teach someone right from wrong
I'm going to play her all of my favorite songs
I'm going to listen to every word she says
And I will admit that you got the least of it
Easy does it
I'm standing inside of it
I'm standing in front of it
Track Name: You're Clean
Cast a shadow to catch your eye and I do
We're in the moment and we're losing time, alright.
And I dance with you because you're clean
Don't break
I curse the light into another day as you fade away
I'll be the father you can be the clone
as I watch over you
This is the moment and we're letting go
I want you and you know
Track Name: Majesty of Launch
I refuse this city to miss me much.
Influenced, I looked till I touched.
I built around and I wore the shroud.
In my honor I'm knocking down.
I want the quiet moments of a party girl but I left her at the party.
X'ed out her eyes in Sharpie.
When you learn to respond to me...
Track Name: Better
Well I've been thinking about how it was.
Well we were kissing on the subway.
That day we did it our way.
Well I've thinking about some of that stupid shit I did.
I know I rubbed you the wrong way
but now I'm back say,
"We'll do it your way, it's better.
We tried it my way, didn't work. Yours was better."
It took a while to decide but now I feel better.
I been kickin' around this town.
It took a while to get me going.
A little out of place and it was showing.
I've been thinking about how I really was.
Cuttin' cars and kicking subways.
Ditching out to get it my way.
Track Name: Arches Lark
Arches Lark lately has been making it with all the ladies. How do I get one to love me?
I could climb up the tower.
Read from my favorite author or sleep in the station.
I'm only waiting.
But that wouldn't be enough for you baby.
Arches Lark is famous.
He's infected but he's not contagious.
What do I do?
Girl I'm going through changes.
How do I make you love me?
Track Name: Magazine Stamp
I read about you in Seventeen.
Emailed your label, joined the street team.
I sort of dreamed about all of the sex we'd have.
I looked up your parents in the catalog.
Followed your mother to the restaurant.
She ordered a bread bowl and all of that pink wine.
I finished my album then I packaged it.
Straight to the office where I stamped it
and into the arms of your management
and now we are in the same room.
I checked on your website, you're on the road.
Tonight you're in Cleveland, been there.
In fact I played there at a college
but there weren't that many kids there.
Track Name: Kicking Age
After the boys hit the fucking town
I put on the disc and sat it out.
After the girls switched the fucking machines on
I looked at the shoes I'd been running on.
Fell in love at 17.
Cigarettes was 23.
25 I was kicking dirt and it was slow times.
29, maybe 58.
Because of you I am not afraid.
Because of you I am kicking age.
Track Name: Darkroom and Boarding
I know two brothers
They'll play you rock n' roll
with guitar and drums but now their father's home
He'll join in too
I have a father
He found another life when I was five
I'm not impressed with him, no
There are people in my life
who have come aligned in the stars while others don't
And I've grown tired of giving chances
to those who exist in the corners
And I've confused myself
into sleeping through the night
where I've had dreams
I've connected myself to former lives
And things look right outside my window
where I will meet as I resurface in our usual shadows
There's a darkroom in a lighthouse
There's a signal
Track Name: Total Hearts
Let's go I was losing control you heard.
Seven amps through a speaker phone I know.
Pack the plans and I'll sell the van
and take the SAS to the girl I dig the best.
Total hearts they could set it all on fire.
Loop around Chicago.
Michigan, the lake's cold.
North Atlantic Ocean.
North Sea I've been dreaming.
Total hearts they could set it all on fire.
After all they call this burning desire.
Everywhere I go the grass is greener.
Track Name: Families
At the free clinic
the kids are laughing at the caption
underneath what could happen
if they don't take precaution.
At the driver's center there's that guy from the market. Quick they snapped his picture.
His hair was not in order.
Oh they're all fine there as long as they're home.
They won't say it but they're better than you.
But I know that's all but true.
At the crisis center the calls are all incoming.
You get the voice another.
The teenage life is sickening.
And I was at too many weddings that year.
A bratty kid to hold the ring.
They put the dog in the wedding.